Photo Kalle Hamm.
Photo Mia Lempiäinen-Avci.
Photo Olli Aarni.

Kalle Hamm & Band of Weeds

20.-22.5. / 29.6.-2.7. / 10.-13.9.2021

Kalle Hamm returned to Seili for a series of short residencies in the spring and summer 2021 to further observe and record the seasonal cycle of the plants he is working with in the project The New Pangaea. The whole Band of Weeds spent a few days together on the island in the autumn to prepare for their concert planned for the summer 2022.

The New Pangaea is commissioned by CAA as part of the Spectres in Change project, supported by Kone Foundation, and will culminate in public events and the launch of a publication in 2022. Band of Weeds will also publish an LP as part of the work.

Visit the project online to listen to the plants in Seili: The New Pangaea