Photo Taru Elfving
Photo Jannika Grönlund
Photo Anna van der Lei
Photo New Performance Turku / Jussi Virkkumaa

CAA Contemporary Art Archipelago is a curatorial collective supporting site-sensitive artistic work at the intersection of ecological, feminist and decolonial enquiries. CAA has been initiating and leading long-term multidisciplinary projects in the Turku Archipelago, off the south-west coast of Finland in the Baltic Sea since 2009 in collaboration with diverse scientific research organisations and other actors in the region. The research projects by CAA are all committed to bringing local practitioners and experts into dialogue with international colleagues and peers, drawn together to address environmental and societal urgencies both in their local specificities and planetary resonances.




Taru Elfving, director and co-founder of CAA , is a curator and writer, whose practice focuses on nurturing transdisciplinary encounters and site-sensitive artistic investigations with a long-term commitment to the critical discourses on ecology and feminism. She has worked with environmental concerns on islands and archipelagos for more than ten years now.

Lotta Petronella, curator and co-founder of CAA, is a filmmaker and artist based on the island of Ruissalo. She has worked with and on islands for over a decade and has fifteen years of experience as director, producer and writer of documentary and art films. Her latest award-winning documentary film Själö – The Island of Souls premiered in the Spring 2020.

Selina Oakes, assistant curator and editor for CAA, is an artist curator and researcher with an interest in the potential of bodily attunements and hydrofeminist discourses in reactivating senses of socio-ecological relation and resilience. Selina has been conversing with artists and scientists to produce a series of interviews, while documenting events in Seili and Turku.

Saskia Suominen worked as assistant curator for CAA in 2020/21. She focused on developing the CAA website and documenting the work of artists and scientists in Seili. In her curatorial practice, Saskia is interested in the social dimensions of climate crisis and the ways in which art institutions can respond to them.