Artist at work. Photo Kalle Hamm.
Seili, summer 2020. Photo Hermanni Keko.
Hedge bindweed. Photo Kalle Hamm.

Kalle Hamm and the Band of Weeds

19.-21.5. / 15.-18.06. / 27.-29.07. / 3.-6.8. 2020

Kalle Hamm visited Seili first in the summer and autumn 2019, making observations and recordings of the flora on the island. In spring and summer 2020 he continued working with the plants in Seili for his new work-in-progress New Pangaia, in dialogue with the biologist Jasmin Inkinen at the research station. The other members of the Band of Weeds also made their first visits to the island.

“At first, I concentrated on sea relicts, pioneer species of ecological succession, invasive species, and species that are spreading further north due to climate change. Now I am paying more attention to the so-called weeds that have a longer and more complex relationship with humans.”
Kalle Hamm

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