Listening to the Viking ruins.
Tuning the wild.
Culinary experiment: wood sorrel lemonade. Photos FoAM Earth.

FoAM Earth (Maja Kuzmanovic & Nik Gaffney)


“In fieldwork abstract data about the situation gains another dimension. It ‘lands’ in your tangible experience of the world and embeds itself in your bodily memory.”

FoAM Earth (Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney) stayed on at Seili, at the Archipelago Research Institute, after the Spectres of Landings retreat for a residency to carry out their own fieldwork on the island across its myriad spatial and temporal scales – attuning and listening to it, as well as observing and tasting. Here is a brief glimpse into their reflections published in the blog:

“To hear the smaller, quieter voices of the island we resorted to a technological augmentation of our senses. We could pick-up a range of vibrations through the air, rocks, or ant-hills. Yet, the biological and geological scales that drew our curiosity remained mute to human ears. With the help of microphones and digital sensors, we began to hear unseen life in the undergrowth, between reeds and in the trees. What if we focused as much attention to our own attunement with the world as to tuning and tweaking our technological devices? What technologies could help us attune to our surroundings, instead of drawing us away from them?”

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