Weather diary: Thursday at 2.30pm.
Crow by Terhi Nieminen.
Professor Emeritus Ilppo Vuorinen in action. All photos Taru Elfving.



Is art like plankton, floating free in the currents?

This is just one of the many intriguing questions that came up during a three-day retreat in Seili in collaboration with The Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki. Thank you to the participants of Saari field course and professor Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger for the walks and talks focused on the ecological changes, grief, activism and much more amidst the shifting tones of grey and magical glimpses of late autumn light. Thank you Ilppo Vuorinen, Jari Hänninen, Katja Mäkinen and Jasmin Inkinen at the Archipelago Research Institute for sharing your knowledge again with such generosity!

This field course was part of the project Spectres in Change.