Tick collecting. Photo Kira O'Reilly.
Photo Kira O'Reilly.
Photo Laura Beloff and Kira O'Reilly.

Laura Beloff & Kira O’Reilly

19.-24.5. & 5.-9.8.2019

CAA was happy to be able to co-host the artists Laura Beloff and Kira O’Reilly on their initial research visits to the Archipelago Research Institute in Seili as part of their collaborative investigation into ticks and things tick-borne.

“The tick does what it does. It is not ‘aware’ of anything beyond the sensory discretion of the biosemiotics of its world, around which there is the increasing and accelerated machinations of media worlding, a media umwelt of sorts.”

You can read more about their project and residencies on the island in Kira O’Reilly’s blog notes – drawing from, amongst others, the interlinked etymologies of host, hostage, hospitality and hospital.

Warmest thanks to Jasmin Inkinen for sharing her insights and field work methodologies at the Archipelago Research Institute, and to the whole tick research team at Turku University. Funding from Kone Foundation made this residency collaboration possible.