Photos Jussi Virkkumaa

Midsummer Mast

Midsummer Mast by FRAUD was hoisted on the Varvintori square in Turku 29.5.-1.7.2021 beside the museum ship Sigyn on the occasion of the ship’s reopening after restoration. The work has been realised in collaboration with shipwrights and carpenters using the salvaged old masts and other maritime wares from the Sigyn.

On the occasion of its hoisting, Midsummer Mast was adorned on Saturday 29th May with a birch garland, wild flowers and medicinal herbs in collaboration with artist Lotta Petronella. On Sunday 30th May FRAUD began the collection of testimonies before the mast, inspired by the tradition of Fields of May as popular tribunals, to interrogate blue growth and bioeconomy in their ongoing work with CAA.

Midsummer Mast is commissioned and produced by CAA as part of Spectres in Change project, funded by Kone Foundation. It is presented in Turku in co-operation with Forum Marinum and supported by the City of Turku. The mast was first presented in Fiskars as part of the exhibition Meadow during summer 2020 in collaboration with ONOMA.

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