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Kalle Hamm & Band of Weeds:
The New Pangaea

The New Pangaea is a project by Kalle Hamm and Band of Weeds, which looks at how the island of Seili has changed over time from the viewpoint of plants.

During the summer 2021, visitors to Seili will encounter three plants that act as guides to different habitats on the island: Field cow-wheat is an endangered species, introduced by humans centuries ago with cereal grains, that grows on dry rocky meadows on the island. Greater celandine, found today near old gardens, was cultivated since the Middle Ages for medicinal purposes and for yellow dye. Sea milkwort is native to Seili, a pioneer species on rocky seashores exposed as the land continues to gradually rise following the retreat of the last Ice Age.

This first public phase of The New Pangaea is realised in collaboration with the Archipelago Research Institute of Turku University, on the initiative of biologist Jasmin Inkinen. We thank Inkinen, archeobotanist Mia Lempiäinen-Avci and geographer Joni Mäkinen for sharing their expertise in the project.

The New Pangaea is commissioned by CAA as part of the Spectres in Change project, supported by Kone Foundation, and will culminate in public events and the launch of an LP and a publication in 2022.

Visit the project online to listen to the plants and read about the places:
The New Pangaea