Archipelago Sea plankton seen through microscope. Photo Taru Elfving.

Shifting Scales, Salinities, Shoreline

Article in SCB Journal

“Salinity, minerals, bacteria, antibiotics, microplastics. Communities, communications, compassions, contagions, contaminations. The Baltic sea is more than one. It is composed of specialised ecosystems, where transformations reverberate across the food chain and beyond. Meanwhile, as part of planetary water circulation, the fresh water streams out of the Baltic bring nutrients to the fisheries up along the Norwegian coast, on its way towards the Barents Sea in the Arctic. The bodies of water are not the only ones in flux, but the changes are embodied by all the living creatures making up these very waters and their shores. Ebbs and flows are their––our––very mode of being.”

Reflections arising from CAA’s ongoing work in dialogue with the Archipelago Research Institute in Seili were published in the Screen City Biennial Journal, October 2019. The essay by Taru Elfving includes discussion of the work developed by the artists Saara Ekström and Kalle Hamm within the framework of CAA’s Spectres in Change project, supported by Kone Foundation.

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