Gone with the Human. Video still Kalle Hamm.
Flora of Seili Island. Exhibition view Kalle Hamm.
Gone with the Human. Exhibition view Kalle Hamm.

The New Pangaea

Archipelago Centre Korpoström

New works by Kalle Hamm, Flora of Seili Island and Gone with the Human, are included in the exhibition Migration curated by Sandra Nyberg at the Archipelago Centre Korpoström during summer 2022. In the exhibited works, plants act as guides to different habitats and historical moments in the ongoing formation of the island, starting from the end of the last ice age and speculating towards to the future.

Flora of Seili Island and Gone with the Human are part of a larger body of work The New Pangaea, commissioned and produced by CAA in collaboration with the Archipelago Research Institute in the project Spectres in Change, supported by Kone Foundation.

More information on the exhibition Migration here.