Artist Residency Research Network (ARRN) workshop.
Photos by Taru Elfving.

Saari Summer Well

Saari Residence

Taru Elfving participated in and presented the ongoing work of CAA at the assembly My Journey, Knowledge and Exchange, which invited scholars, writers and activists focused on residency research to gather together for a short collective residency intensive at the Saari Residence.

The international group of peers shared their practices and insights on a range of matters of concern, such as the challenges posed by ecological urgencies: How could residencies embed their activities in ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable ways in the local environments while nurturing planetary conversations and facilitating critical encounters between people and places? What kind of ethical and ecological codes of conduct could support this?

Thank you for the inspiration, joy and sense of community: to Irmeli Kokko, who conceived the programme; to all the participants and our hosts at the Saari Residence; and the flocks of migrating birds gathering alongside us in the surrounding unique wetlands. The assembly was organised by Kone Foundation.