TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes

As part of the curatorial collaboration Transhemisférica, Taru Elfving and CAA were invited by curator Michy Marxuach to contribute to the exhibition For there to be a feast, the forest has got to dance at the contemporary art museum TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes in Tenerife. This resulted in the initiation of Portales, an expanding archive of posters printed with a Risograph printer in the exhibition space. Following the exhibition at TEA, the posters will become a resource to be shared between the participants and in future events.

CAA invited the following artists to contribute posters to the exhibition, while they were also encouraged to pass the invitation on to their peers: FRAUD, IC-98, Kalle Hamm & Band of Weeds, and Lotta Petronella.

“While we transform ourselves to listen to the signals and continue to open portals that connect us, we prepare for our conversation with the forest, in order to be able to not only see the full diversity of life but to also live it. Through this exhibition we invite ourselves and you to consciously and generously constellate the communication of “visual portals” and “sensual portals” and connectors of realities, beings, questions, practices and possible solutions as we walk and continue to create ways of transferring references and knowledge for decolonization.” – Michy Marxuach with Transhemisférica

Portales and the curatorial collective Transhemisférica (Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Luis Berríos-Negrón, Maria Kamilla Larsen, Taru Elfving and Michy Marxuach) have grown out of an ongoing collaboration Transhemispheric Residency* Programme TH(r*)P, supported by the Nordic Culture Point and the Nordic Cultural Foundation.

* “r” initially signified “residency”, but is now expanded to “resonance, rewilding, remediation, recognition, reconciliation, rebuilding, revolution …”

More information on the exhibition here.