Lotta Petronella with Cecilia Westerberg, Själö Poeisis. Photo Jussi Virkkumaa / New Performance Turku, 2022
Maija Mustonen with Ami Karvonen and Even Minn, Buoyant, 2022
Kati Roover, The Scent of the Changing Sea, still, 2020-
Fraud, Fields of May in Seili, 2022
Kalle Hamm, Gone with the Human, video still, 2022

NPT x CAA: How do you know what you know? Exercises in Attentiveness II

3.9.2022 at 12pm until late
Ruissalo, Kino Diana & Manilla, Turku

For the past four years, CAA Contemporary Art Archipelago has been nurturing the sharing of methods, protocols and rituals – some inherited or borrowed, others invented or emergent – between artists visiting the island of Seili and scientists with decades-long embedded practice at the Archipelago Research Institute. We invite the audience now to take part in this ongoing experimentation with exercises in attentiveness.

On Saturday 3rd September, the public programme continues in Turku. A series of exercises on the island of Ruissalo will take place during the afternoon for small groups. In the evening new artworks commissioned by CAA will be presented in performances, screenings and discussions at Kino Diana and Manilla.

How do you know what you know? Exercises in Attentiveness events are organised collaboratively by CAA Contemporary Art Archipelago and New Performance Turku. The programme and the presented art works are produced as part of CAA’s project Spectres in Change in collaboration with the Archipelago Research Institute, and have been supported by Kone Foundation, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and the Oskar Öflund Foundation.



12-15 Exercises in Attentiveness at Saaronniemi, Ruissalo (participatory activities, pre-booking required):

Själö Poeisis: Reading with Plants – Lotta Petronella with Cecilia Westerberg (pre-book here)

Buoyant – Maija Mustonen (pre-book here)

16-17 Film Premiere at Kino Diana (pre-booking plus places at the door depending on availability):

The Scent of the Changing Sea – Kati Roover (pre-book here)

18.30-00 Exercises in Attentiveness at Manilla
(performances & discussion, plus DJ set):

Fields of May – Fraud with Ilppo Vuorinen

The New Pangaea – Kalle Hamm & Band of Weeds

followed by DJ Antti-Juhani Manninen



Själö Poeisis: Reading with Plants
Lotta Petronella with Cecilia Westerberg

A private reading with plants from Seili. Ask the island. Let it enter your imagination, your dreams.

The exercise is part of a larger body of work Själö Poeisis, a critical study of power structures through plants, especially the common plants – the weeds, the vulgaris. Själö Poeisis consists of an artist book, a herbarium, lecture performances, a choir work, an apothecary, botanical sessions and a set of 26 plant cards loosely based on the cosmology of tarot.

More detailed information will be sent to those who sign up for the event.

Maija Mustonen with Ami Karvonen and Even Minn

Imagine your weight and weightlessness, the movements of the sea on your skin under the autumn sky, you are floating.

The 70% watery human body is approximately 37°c whereas the seawater at Saaronniemi beach in Ruissalo is now about 18°c. The salt content of human tears and sweat is close to the salinity of the Archipelago Sea. The buoyancy varies between different water bodiesEvery water has its own character.

Floating exercise is a meeting between seawater, a giver and a recipient. Buoyant is a participatory exercise by Maija Mustonen with a working group (Ami Karvonen and Even Minn). We will help you to float in short one-to-one sessions.

It is also possible to go to sauna. There is a unisex dressing room in the event and also a possibility for private dressing rooms. Please bring a swimsuit. More detailed information will be sent to those who sign up for the event.



The Scent of the Changing Sea
Kati Roover

This video essay weaves together multisensory experiential knowledge and scientific observations in a poetic reflection on the distant past and possible futures of the Baltic Sea. Using archive material and new recordings of sound and video from Turku Archipelago, Roover looks for knowledge in between linear and circular thinking in response to this point in history, which calls for both old and new ways of navigation through an unknown future.



Fields of May
Fraud (Audrey Samson & Francisco Gallardo) with Ilppo Vuorinen

In conversation with professor emeritus Ilppo Vuorinen, Fraud presents Fields of May, a semi-permanent infrastructure installed at the Archipelago Research Institute this summer. The salvaged old masts of the museum ship Sigyn bear witness to colonialism and timber trade as much as to the changing nature of Finnish forests. They act now as a structure to chair multidisciplinary events to discuss the potentiality of more-than-human legal ecologies.

The New Pangaea
Kalle Hamm & Band of Weeds

Hamm plays The New Pangaea, a forthcoming new album by Band of Weeds that reflects the complex entanglement of human and plant life on the island of Seili. The interspecies cantata introduces 20 plants, which represent diverse modes of migration to, and disappearance from, the island. The cantata has been composed of field recordings of plants translated into sounds audible to the human ear.


Programme details available in Finnish on the New Performance Turku website.