Photo Matterlurgy.

Conversations: Field Casting

3.2. & 19.2.2023
Titanik Gallery, Turku

During the exhibition Field Casting by Matterlurgy (Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright) two public events introduce the artworks and the marine research the artists have been following at the Archipelago Research Institute on the Island of Seili since 2019. The exhibition and the accompanying events invite participation in the ongoing multidisciplinary dialogue and highlight the significance of fieldwork in the face of the escalating ecological emergency.

Fri 3.2. at 15.00

Introduction to the exhibition followed by discussion about field research of environmental changes in the Archipelago Sea: How is climate data stored, for example, within the ear bones of fish? How is this information interpreted and what can it tell of the possible futures of the Baltic Sea? The artists and curator of the exhibition in conversation with professor Jari Hänninen and researcher Katja Mäkinen from the Archipelago Research Institute. The event is in English.

Sun 19.2. at 14.00

Tour of the exhibition and discussion about art-science collaboration and fieldwork on the island of Seili. Professor emeritus Ilppo Vuorinen in conversation with curator Taru Elfving. The event is in Finnish.

Field Casting is part of the programme How do you know what you know? Exercises in Attentiveness which presents new artworks commissioned by CAA in collaboration with the Archipelago Research Institute (University of Turku) in the project Spectres in Change

The exhibition and the events are produced by CAA in partnership with Titanik Gallery and the Archipelago Research Institute (University of Turku). With support from the Kone Foundation, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and Oskar Öflund Foundation. Thanks to Eero Merimaa and sculpture students at Turku University of Applied Sciences, Tom Ranson, and Alex Ball at the Natural History Museum in London, UK.