Video still, Matterlurgy.
Photo Taru Elfving.

At The Edge

Titanik Gallery

In collaboration with Matterlurgy, Taru Elfving contributed an installation to the exhibition Enfleshed – Elaborated by Kristiina Koskentola at Titanik Gallery in Turku.

Window text by Elfving was accompanied by video documentation of plankton, as seen through a microscope on the island of Seili. The video by Matterlurgy (Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright) presented work-in-progress as part of their ongoing engagement with the marine ecosystem in Turku Archipelago in the project Spectres in Change by CAA. Matterlurgy approach organisms in their work as sensors and sensitives, as indicators of environmental change, but also as agential subjects and subjectivities.

How to picture the embodied inter- and intradependencies of human life with other beings and the planetary forces that are present in every breath taken? How can sense of care be nurtured toward something that seems to escape the reach of human senses or the bounds of disciplinary knowledge.

More information on the exhibition here.