New website and visual identity

CAA is proud to present its new visual identity and website launched at the end of the tumultuous year 2020, both designed by Karri Kuoppala. The website has been realised by La&La.

Karri Kuoppala on the design:

“The new visual identity of CAA Contemporary Art Archipelago reflects the work of the organisation in Turku Archipelago as a meeting place for artists and scientists. The design is based on the themes of mobility, navigation and discovery. The signal colour red and the typography draw from the visual history of seafaring: The typeface of the CAA logo is Swiss Grilli Typen Pressura, which echoes the aesthetics of texts on shipping containers, while its colour scheme reminds of the pilot ships.”

The new website is a living archive of CAA’s activities in Turku Archipelago and beyond. It is launched in the context of the multi-year project Spectres in Change, a collaboration with artists and scientists at the Archipelago Research Institute of Turku University on the island of Seili.

The website documents the retreats, residencies, field courses and public events organised in Seili. It also follows closely the processes of artistic enquiry on the island, in dialogue with environmental research, leading up to the unveiling of artworks commissioned and co-produced by CAA.

Moreover, the aim is for the site to become an extension of these activities, a platform for diverse voices to reflect on the questions at the heart of CAA’s work – the many spectres of the current ecological crisis.

CAA assistant curator Saskia Suominen has been invaluable in the development of the website, collecting documentation and editing content for it. We would also like to thank Joss Allen for his language editing work.


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